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Incorporation and Service Fees
Incorporation Package

1st Year Incorporation fees

Price US$1,290


Government License Fee $450
Set of certified Corporate documents for Client’s file $175
DHL courier $110

Inclusions (Documents)

  • The Certificate of Incorporation issued by the local registrar.
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Register of Directors
  • Register of Members and Share Ledger
  • The share certificate(s).
  • Resolution for the appointment of initial Members and Managers, and distribution of share participations

Inclusions (Services)

  • Corporate Management and Compliance Services, to keep the Company in good-standing and full and legally compliant, for first year
  • On-going verification that the company complies with local laws.
  • Renewal of the head office, the registered agent and the governmental charges from the jurisdiction in question.
  • A fully dedicated agent from ATRIUM LEGAL LAB at your service for first year.
  • 1st year Company head office (Registered address and Agent)
  • 30 Minute Consultation with an Attorney!!*
  • Unlimited Live Phone and Email Support!
  • Initial Document Preparation within 24 Hours!
  • Preliminary Name Search!
  • PDF Document Review before Filing!
  • Submission of Documents by Courier!
  • Customized Articles of Association!
  • Post Formation Legal and Tax Guide!
  • PDF Copy of Filed Articles of Association!
  • PDF Copies of All Customized Paperwork!
  • Digital Kit!

Optional Services

Standard Package of Corporate Documents with Notary Only $185
Standard Package of Corporate Documents with Notary and Apostil $295
Certificate of Incumbency $160
Certificate of Good Standing $175
Notary certification and apostil $120
DHL delivery of documents $110

Annual fees from Year 2

Government License Fee $450
Provision of Registered Office $380
Provision of Local Registered Agent $350
Management and Compliance service fees as required under BVI Laws $700
Annual due diligence and compliance, as legally required $150

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