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Incorporation Services BVI

Annual management and compliance services

After the company registration BVI, a business company must pay the renewal fees every year to continue its legal existence. The minimum mandatory fees include Government renewal fee, registered agent fee (covers also the registered address) and compliance fee for regular document verification of the beneficial owners, shareholders and directors of the company.

Apart from the fees above, other professional fees may be payable for the company management and administration depending on the services you have ordered (third-party director/board member, shareholding/share custody, company secretary, business address, call handling or any other services). These services are optional.

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All fees are listed in full detail in our schedule of fees. The annual fees are charged once a year following the renewal payment schedule of the BVI company registry. All the companies registered from January to June must pay the annual fees by the end of May every year starting from the next year after the company registration, and the companies registered from July to December must pay the annual fees by the end of November every year starting from the next year after the company registration BVI.

If the company fails to pay any of our service fees, we will resign from providing the respective services to the company. The company will stay liable for any services already provided.

In case the Government fees are not paid, the penalty fees will apply according to the BVI business companies act. If the company has not paid the renewal fees and/or the late penalty fees, the company name will be struck off the register. Once the company name is struck off, the company cannot do any business and deal with its assets. Restoration of the company name to the register is possible, however quite costly procedure.

Under the Companies Law all companies must maintain a physical presence on the jurisdiction via a registered office. At Atrium Legal Lab we view this an integral part in the efficient and effective administration of a company and as a consequence we have built up an experienced team of professionals and robust IT support infrastructure in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

    Besides incorporating services in BVI, Atrium team will help your company with:

    • Attending to the payment of the Annual Government License Fees and other government fees;
    • Local Registrar;
    • Maintenance of the statutory records of the company including the Register of Directors, the Register of Members and the Register of Mortgages & Charges;
    • Attending to routine compliance matters (inclusive of periodic file reviews), reviewing official correspondence received and other routine matters incidental to good corporate governance;
    • Provision of ad-hoc services as requested from time to time by our clients, such as the provision of certificates of incumbency or certificates of good standing;
    • Filing of Statutory documents;
    • Company Searches;
    • Legalisation of documents;
    • Regular client updates and memos on Local regulatory developments.

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